Automatic Work Station

Automatic work station (AWS) is a standalone PC based ground tester used for checking the operability of the power plant of SU-30 MKi aircraft during ground run. AWS is a compact tester realized using state-of-the-art technology which consists of a rugged computer and a signal switching unit that interfaces with the engine control unit, external pressure and vibration sensors. AWS is used to carry out the scheduled checks, repair and fault detection of the important components of power plant.

Fly-By-Wire Tester

Merlinhawk’s Fly-By- Wire Tester is a ground based equipment used to test the Fly-By-Wire system of Sukhoi-30 MKi aircraft. The tester simulates various commands to the FBW system. The status response from the FBW system is received and displayed on tester.

Air Intake Panel

The Air Intake Panel is a ground equipment used to test the Air Intake Ramp, which controls the amount of air supplied to the engine in Sukhoi-30 MKi aircraft. The tester is used to control the movement of the ramp and monitor the diagnostic information coming from the ‘Air Intake System’ of the aircraft. It also gives discrete command to check the serviceability of the system.

Integrated Test Unit

Integrated Test Unit (ITU) is a standalone PC based test equipment designed to test integrity of interface connections between the LRU’s as BHEEM, IN20, ECFM and SECU of the LCA Tejas aircraft. ITU is capable of measuring resistance, voltage, frequency and continuity. The tester simulates various discrete signals required to check the interconnection between LRUs. The above checks are done on the aircraft prior to the installation of the LRUs.

Cable Harness Tester

cable harness tester - Continuity Test, Insulation measurement, DC hi-pot testing, 2 & 4 wire measurement,Resistance measurement, Capacitor measurement, Shielding measurement, Coaxial cables measurement, Component test (Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Zener Diode, Inductance, Relays etc).

Integrated Panel Tester

Integrated Panel Tester (IPT) is used for testing 38 different electrical panels of Light Combat Aircraft like AC/DC Distribution boxes, Relay panels, control panels, Filter boxes, Switching panels, Indicator test panels etc. The Tester mainly consists of Laptop, Digital Megohmmeter, SSU and Looms for the interconnection between Tester and panels.