Defence Electronics

Merlinhawk has been awarded contracts for design, development and production of several systems for the Fire Control System of T-90 and T-72 battle tanks. ACU, CU and BV29 are some of the items contracted for indigenisation.

Automatic Control Unit Of T-90 Battle Tank

Automatic Control Unit (ACU) is a part of the laser guided weapon system in T-90 battle tanks. The ‘Guided Missile System’ uses beam-riding laser guidance. ACU controls the generation of LASER and various operating modes of the weapon system including release of the stores from the tank.

BV-29 Unit of T-90 Battle Tank

BV-29 is an LRU of 'Vertical Guidance System' which controls the 'Anti-aircraft gun' fitted on the T90 battle tanks. This unit provides various operating modes of the gun including the 'Stabilized Mode' where the gun position remains stable irrespective of the 'pitch' movement of the tank as it moves over rough terrain

Elektrone Ground Power Pack DC2800H-1

Merlinhawk has specifically designed the ELEKTRONE DC2800H-1 ground power pack for starting battle tanks and other heavy land vehicles. Elektrone power packs are compact, portable and single operator use units that provide high current for starting tanks and other heavy vehicles. They are ideal power sources for rugged terrain and harsh environments.